Saturday, February 18, 2012

NOTD and Fat Fingers

I've been feeling a little pudgy lately so I had to take off my wedding ring.  It left a pretty nice tan line but I wanted a way to show that I still had it even if I wasn't wearing it.  So, in the tradition of the one-finger-with-a-different-polish, here is what I did for the NOTD:
Manglaze Lesbihonest (Index, Middle, & Pinkie) and Fuggen Ugly (Ring) - 3 coats each color

I just received this polish after finally buckling down and ordering it off Amazon.  I was originally trying to buy it off the Manglaze FB page but I was having issues with the checkout (totally NOT Manglaze's fault and Mike, the owner was so super cool about it!)

I do not regret this polish at all and so you shouldn't either.

It was hard to choose the ones I'd get first to pop my matte nail polish/Manglaze cherry, but I finally went with Lesbihonest, ILF, and Fuggen Ugly.  They are gorgeous.  You need these.

Formula wise, I didn't see any of the problems that I have read usually come with mattes.  Really smooth to apply, two coats are sufficient although I went three, and I'm pretty sure with a topcoat like Seche Vite, they'd look absolutely beautiful glossy too.

Here's ILF:

Manglaze ILF - 3 coats

I love teal/blue/aqua so of course I had to have this color and it didn't disappoint either.  No streakiness, easy to apply and all three colors dried super fast which is typical of mattes.

They are a little pricey (around $12 with the 10% off) but seriously, you need these in your life.  They were worth every penny.  Not to mention Mike himself is all full of awesome-ness.   He responds quickly to any problems you contact him about and shipping was incredibly fast -- I got my order in three days from Chicago to San Diego.

I would say that if you could only buy one matte nail polish, Manglaze should be the first place you go.  With a variety of shades ranging from standard issue black (for the rockers and the posers), to hot pink (F*** Off & Dye), there's sure to be a shade in between to make you happy.

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